Chargrilled Eggplant recipe

Char Grilled Eggplant Recipe

This is char grilled eggplant recipe is scrumptious. The smokiness from the  char grilling combined with the sweetness of honey and the kick of  harissa is quite … Read More



Weekend in Broke

You just can't keep a good woman down! I said I wouldn't be posting much until February, yet here I am. I've just tagged along with my husband for a weekend in Broke … Read More

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Food Waste

Recipe: Vegetable, Bean and Barley Soup

Despite the fancy name, this is actually an “End of the Week” Soup. That is where you gather up all the veggies that are left in fridge at the end of the week and cook them into a soup. It is a great way to eek out every last nutrient from any tired looking produce […]

Aussie Farmers Direct Review

I’m always looking for ways to avoid going into a supermarket. So when Aussie Farmers Direct came knocking at my door, I nearly hugged the unsuspecting backpacker they sent and signed right up. Now, I usually never buy from door to door sellers (NEVER – on principle!) but I had heard of this company before. […]

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Seasonal Eating

Peach Season

This column first appeared in the Hawkesbury Gazette on 4/12/13Each year in November, my mum's kitchen bench would be covered in baskets of peaches, glowing and … Read More

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Home Cooking

7 Meals to Make and Freeze

It is such a relief to have a freezer that is full of meals that can be pulled out whenever I am home late or on weekends when I’d rather be having fun with the family than cooking. When I am cooking any kind of freezable meal, I usually do a double batch and freeze […]

Wednesday Recipe: No Guilt Spag Bog Sauce

This recipe is “no-guilt” because I could pretty much feed it to my kids every night of the week and know that they were still eating a relatively balanced diet. For the record, I don’t think I HAVE actually fed it to them every night of the week, but we might have had a few […]

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